The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

Hosted by: Ashlynn Mitchell, Brannon Patrick, Coby Mitchell

Have you been through an affair, or struggle with healing a shattered or disconnected relationship? Each week the hosts of the originally combined Betrayed Addicted Expert podcast now release their own podcasts...


What are Appropriate Boundaries at Work?

Season #2 Episode #110

Work was an environment for Coby where he was a different person.  He did not act the same at work as he did at home.  This caused a lot of questions, anxiety, confusion, doubt and betrayal for Ashlynn.  Listen as...
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How Will I Ever Feel Enough?

Season #2 Episode #109

How can one ever feel enough when they are betrayed?  Does the addict struggle with not feeling enough?  What do you do when this is a pervasive thought?  How does one deal with it?  This episode will walk through the...
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What If She's the One Who Had the Affair?

Season #2 Episode #108

Women are susceptible to cheating the same as men.  However, what does a man do when his female partner has the affair?  There are way more resources for women who have been betrayed than the men so what is a guy to...
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Why Can't I Stop Relapsing?

Season #2 Episode #107

Relapsing over and over can put an addict into a headspace of apathy as they can feel powerless to stop.  The betrayed can spiral in the face of continual relapse as the message from the addict can be that they don't...
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How Can I Overcome the Way I Was Raised?

Season #2 Episode #106

The way we act as adults is largely affected by the way we were raised.  When things are so challenging in life how do we overcome the habits, mindset and behavioral norms from our childhood?  Listen as Coby and...
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What If My Partner Is Pressuring Me But I'm Just Not Ready?

Season #2 Episode #105

There are all kinds of steps to take in recovery and in life but what happens when one partner is not ready to move at the same pace another is?  That can be a tricky path to walk and may be in the pace they want to...
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What Makes A Good Therapist?

Season #2 Episode #104

There are so many therapists with the credentials that speak to what they may be able to do to help but is there more to a good therapist?  Is there something more to take into consideration when making a decision on...
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How Do I Know If My Partner Is Cheating?

Season #2 Episode #103

What are the signs?  What are the things to be looking for? How do I know they are cheating or if I am just spinning in my head?  All these questions are addressed in this episode.   We are glad you found our season 2...
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What If My Relationship Sucks? Try This.

Season #2 Episode #102

There is never any magic pill to recovery but there is a way to make small improvements even when things suck.  Being curious can make all the difference when things are tough as it can help you get out of your own...
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What If My Story Is Different?

Season #2 Episode #101

Feeling unique is a common thing.  One can go to a single 12 step meeting and walk away thinking their story is better or worse than others and feel a sense of hopelessness or a sense of pride and denial.  Listen as...
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Am I in an Abusive Relationship?

Season #2 Episode #100

Abuse is a devastating thing in all its forms and has no place in a relationship no matter who you are.  Is it possible though to be in a relationship and not realize it is abusive?  How do I know if my partner and I...
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What If I Want to Reach Out to the Affair Partner?

Season #2 Episode #99

There are always unanswered questions about an affair that can spin endlessly in the mind of the one betrayed.  What are some considerations in pursuing the idea?  What would you say?  Listen as Ashlynn shares her...
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