The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

The Betrayed, The Addicted, The Expert

Hosted by: Ashlynn Mitchell, Brannon Patrick, Coby Mitchell

Have you been through an affair, or struggle with healing a shattered or disconnected relationship? Each week the hosts of the originally combined Betrayed Addicted Expert podcast now release their own podcasts...


GROW WITH COBY Ep: 10 How to Talk to Your Child with Ellie Mitchell

Season #5

Ellie Mitchell at 11 years old shares her perspective on how kids can have productive and heavy conversations with their parents. She shares an experience she had with Coby, which she calls a Rainbow Talk. She shares...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 9: Trusting Ourselves. Why its Important and How with Sariah Bastian

Season #5 Episode #9

Trusting ourselves is a challenge as it denotes that we know who we are inside despite expectations around us.  Yoga Therapist and betrayal trauma body expert, Sariah Bastian joins Coby to discuss the importance of...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 8 Dealing with Life Major Transitions with Former Ex-Pat and COO BenJoe Markland

Season #5 Episode #8

BenJoe joins Coby to discuss the emotions that come along with moving a family from El Salvador back to the US after 11 years.  Having 5 kids and lots of professional and ecclesiastical responsibilities, BenJoe shares...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 7 Dealing with Discomfort with Nate Farnsworth

Season #5 Episode #7

Nate Farnsworth is the Presiden and CEO of Factory Six which is a private label CBD manufacturer but is also a friend of Coby's and has been for years.  He has spent many years in business as an entrepreneur and has...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep: 6 The Spike Narrative with Guest Lucy Mitchell

Season #5 Episode #6

Lucy Mitchell, daughter to Coby shares her story about creating spike to use as a character who puts thoughts in her head that aren't hers and actions that don't represent who she really is.   Spike has four methods...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 5: Processing in Real-Time Emotions of Anger

Season #5 Episode #5

When anxiety and then overwhelming feelings hit in a very abrupt and sudden way, Coby faces the reality of his emotions in an effort to find out what is really behind the anger he feels.  He used the following steps...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 4: Why Do Some Situations Evoke Such Strong and Intense Emotions?

Season #5 Episode #4

Situations that lead to intense #emotions, which in turn create #behavior that is unwanted.  That is a situational #trigger and they are real in everyday life.  Here are a few takeaways from the episode. There are 2...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 3: Why Do I Get So Upset at the Same Things All the Time?

Season #5 Episode #3

Knowing yourself enough to the extent of seeing the same frustrating and maddening situations come ahead of time and then still losing your cool is nuts.  It is also common.  Why does this happen?  What can be done to...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 2: Show Up Your Best with Dailies

Season #5 Episode #2

Being ready to face life each day is not complex but our brains resist new activities because it is not a #routine and our brains operate best on cruise control.  So how do we establish #dailyhabits that foster...
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GROW WITH COBY Ep 1: Overview of Daily Evaluation Format

Season #5 Episode #1

In this inaugural episode of Grow with Coby, he shares his daily eval format to review his day so he can show up his best self by reviewing how he did with specific skills.  This overview of his format is a taste of...
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