Brannon Patrick although a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist brings a comprehensive understanding to the journey of healthy sexuality. 

He has been practicing for over 10 years and runs a practice with a partner and a growing number of therapists in Lehi, Ut.  Brannon started his psychology work early in the addiction arena helping those struggling with substance addiction.  He could see growing challenge addiction had on families and had an early interest in making an impact.  

After progressing through the models of addiction and codependence he was drawn further into the relationship aspects of the addiction.  This led him to work with 1,000's of couples in restoring and improving their marriages and relationships.  

As betrayal trauma became an understanding in the support for sex addiction Brannon latched on and dug into the key aspects of the model allowing greater validation to be felt by the partner of addicts.  

Still, Brannon continues to develop understandings and clarities in the recovery process that extend beyond the traditional models.  

Currently, he is expanding his efforts to impact as the co-host of the podcast "The Betrayed, The Addicted, and the Expert", now "The Beyond Enough Podcast".

And the development of online resources and programs that clarify the recovery process for both sides of the relationship tainted by infidelity. His tone is always direct but gentle.  

Many say he has perceptive beyond what you would expect. His intuition provides validation along with encouragement to own your side and be the partner who draws the best out of your partner.

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Ashlynn Mitchell is a woman who seems to be able to do it all. Early in marriage, she became a coveted interior designer, but finding a passion for fitness she developed a following on Instagram inspiring women to be best selves physically.  

With 2 girls she loves and protects like a mama bear, she has been an inspiration to moms and women everywhere.  But much of what is inspiring about her is the open and vulnerable way she has stepped into the light in sharing a most amazing story of pain and challenge and then hope and now love for the man who betrayed her.  

Willing to see the possibility of trust after a painfully broken heart, she shares her journey and now coaches women who have had to face the difficult road of betrayal, forgiveness and finding yourself in a relationship that wasn't exactly what you expected.

She shows how regardless of the past, your future can be hopeful, fun and happy again!

Ashlynn is a co-host of the prior podcast The Betrayed, the Addicted and the Expert podcast now called the "Beyond Enough Podcast" and provides a powerful voice for women who are willing to do the work of releasing shame.  

She is an example of moving beyond being the victim, and coaches women on how they are truly Beyond Enough!

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Coby Mitchell is the humble voice of a man who provides the example of what it means to share openly and vulnerably.  

His voice provides a path for others who have stepped outside of their integrity, felt the guilt and shame of living as less than you know you are, and then doing the work to restore trust in your self and of others in you.  

Coby brings an amazing ability to empathize with both those who feel trapped in sexual compulsion and pornography indulgence as well as their partners who are lost in what to do.  He is an example of accountability and hope.  And provides an example that people CAN and DO change.    

Coby is the voice that both the sexually unfaithful and the betrayed listeners look to on the now retitled "Beyond Enough Podcast".  His shifts provide the hope we all look for in improving ourselves.  And his raw honesty is a refreshing look into the realities of living a life where vulnerability becomes a strength and allows for a renewed connection. 

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Matthew Elmer is our producer, web developer, course director, and operations manager.

Basically, he handles the behind the scenes of helping us take the message that started in the podcast and creating a way for us to reach more lives.

Empowered by a passion for helping others see shifts in their own lives and their own relationships, he also brings a background in business success.

Having taken his last company to the Inc 5000 fastest Growing Companies in 2016.  His team reached #11 fastest growing education company in the country.  

Now, he brings these skills to help bring the message that YOU ARE BEYOND ENOUGH, far beyond the podcast, our therapy offices, and coaching calls.   

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