#169: Is There Life After Divorce? ( + A Big Announcement )

Season #4


This is the last time we'll be posting the Real Talk Recovery episodes to the BAE podcast feed. If you'd like to listen to more of the Real Talk Recovery podcast and hear the full episodes, you can find us by searching for "Real Talk Recovery" on your favorite podcast streaming service (you can click one of the links below) or go to https://realtalkrecovery.com and subscribe there.

Brannon and Tyler host a special guest, Ashlynn Mitchell (@this.isashlynn + ThisIsAshlynn.com). Together they talk about Ashlynn's life and work post-divorce and the beauty and healing that can transpire.

Brannon Patrick LCSW (@brannon_patrick), is co-founder of Therapy Utah . He has some really great online courses available at brannonpatrick.com like his Boundary Bootcamp course. Brannon has a program called L.I.F.T. for betrayal trauma and addiction recovery available online starting soon. Go to LiftForRecovery.com for more info!

Tyler Patrick LMFT (@the.wandering.therapist), is co-founder of Love Strong, a therapy practice for sex addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing based in Cache Valley, Utah. Sign up for a free 15-minute Consultation Call with Tyler for online or in-person therapy to recover from sex addiction and heal from trauma. Check out Tyler's other podcast: The Wandering Therapist Sessions.

Join us for one of our "Life-Changing" retreats. https://lovestrong.com

We would love to answer any questions you have about addiction, trauma, recovery, and healing. Go to RealTalkRecovery.com to submit your question (and if you're open to being a guest on the podcast, you can schedule your call as well)!


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