How To Break Up With Friends With Therapist, Erin Falconer

Season #6

Erin Falconer is an author, digital entrepreneur and associate psychotherapist. In 2018, she released the critically acclaimed self-improvement/female empowerment book, How To Get Shit Done: Why Women Need To Stop Doing Everything So They Can Achieve Anything. Since 2008, she has been the editor-in-chief and co-owner of PickTheBrain. In 2017, Erin launched the PickTheBrain Podcast which ranks consistently in the top 20 in the Heath and Self-Improvement categories on iTunes and in 2019 was featured on the iTunes homepage, twice. Forbes Magazine named Falconer’s blog one of the “Top 100 Most Influential Sites for Women. Erin’s new book, How To Break-Up With Your Friends was released January, 2022.   Ashlynn Mitchell kicks divorce & betrayal in the teeth. With her real world example of what’s possible after betrayal & how to live boldly with compassion & forgiveness while being boundaried & free from the past. She is an advocate for women who want to live a life full of adventure & freedom. Come listen to her perspectives while she has conversations with those she loves & respects who share their #bethebuffalo moments that may just help you shift your own journey in a beautiful way. Join her on her new podcast HERE Follow her on social media at HERE Mentor with her at HERE

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