#135: How Do I Know When It’s Time To Rebuild Trust Or Say That It’s Enough?

Season #4

Caller Beth's Question: "How do I process, heal, and trust my husband again after there has been a betrayal that has devastated our family and our lives? The betrayal is a camera that was found in our downstairs bathroom that is used by my daughter and her friends. We separated when the camera was discovered but are currently living together. He seemed remorseful for a while but now he is refusing to go to counseling with me and he is not taking action towards recovery."   Tyler Patrick, "The Wandering Therapist", is co-founder of Love Strong (lovestrong.com), a Christian-based Recovery + WHOLEHEARTED living therapy practice. If you'd like to work with Love Strong via telehealth or in-person, reach out to us at [email protected] or go to our website: https://lovestrong.com. We have a great online Foundations Of Recovery Class starting soon. This class is for sex addiction recovery and healing from betrayal trauma. Go to https://lovestrong.com/services/foundations-group/ to learn more and sign up.   Brannon Patrick, "The Expert", is co-founder of Therapy Utah (therapyutah.org). You can follow Brannon on Instagram @brannon_patrick. He has some really great online courses available at brannonpatrick.com like his Boundary Bootcamp course. Brannon has a program called L.I.F.T. for betrayal trauma and addiction recovery available online starting soon. Go to https://www.liftforrecovery.com/ for more info!   Join us for one of our "Life-Changing" retreats. therapybros.com/events

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