#127: My Partner Is Sober But My Relationship Is Not Healing. Now What?

Season #4

Caller Emily's Question: "I’ve been through most of the models over the past 15 years. I agree that the model needs constant growth… are you familiar with Vicki Tidwell Palmer? Her moving being betrayal book and courses are some of the best I’ve seen. It is so refreshing to have a therapist who understands and validates betrayal and whose goal is to MOVE you BEYOND it. We are still married, 21 years and still trying to gain connection and closeness in marriage. One piece that I feel you may be missing (or maybe I just haven’t heard you speak to it) is that I don’t feel that the betrayed is able/ should be asked to be the person to give compassion and understand/support/accountability for the betrayer. I’ve been to a lot of therapists who wanted to focus on my lack of compassion for my husband. I have an enormous amount of compassion for the sad scared little boy in him who does not love himself. What is true is that in trauma, betrayal, pain, and personal healing I am not able to be the friend he needs."

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