EP 27: Navigating The Messy Middle Of Faith Transformation with expert Thomas McConkie & my friend Rebecca Moore Johnson

Season #6

Thomas McConkie is the founder of Lower Lights School of Wisdom and has a passion for the world's Wisdom traditions. Raised Latter-day Saint, at 18 years old he discovered Buddhism, which remains a wellspring of inspiration over 20 years later. 

He is trained as a developmental researcher, facilitator, and mindfulness teacher. He hosts the Lower Lights Sangha in Salt Lake City and has been featured on NPR, Religion News Service, Tricycle Magazine and the 10% Happier Podcast with Dan Harris.

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Ashlynn Mitchell kicks divorce & betrayal in the teeth. With her real world example of what’s possible after betrayal & how to live boldly with compassion & forgiveness while being boundaried & free from the past.

She is an advocate for women who want to live a life full of adventure & freedom. Come listen to her perspectives while she has conversations with those she loves & respects who share their #bethebuffalo moments that may just help you shift your own journey in a beautiful way.

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