GROW WITH COBY Ep: 6 The Spike Narrative with Guest Lucy Mitchell

Season #5 Episode #6

Lucy Mitchell, daughter to Coby shares her story about creating spike to use as a character who puts thoughts in her head that aren't hers and actions that don't represent who she really is.  

Spike has four methods of trying to keep us from being our true and #authentic selves.  

TEMPT US: This is when thoughts of losing #patience, lashing out, making decisions that do not reflect who we really are, and become actions that cause damage to ourselves and our #relationships.

SHAME US:  Thoughts like "I'm not good #enough", or "They will never forgive me", or "I'm so stupid because of what I did."  As humans, we don't come wired to think these thoughts but by living life the Spike Narrative does come and these #destructive thoughts are not us.

MOUNTAINS OUT OF MOLEHILLS: When something goes wrong and all of a sudden it's doomsday and we've lost all hope or thoughts of catastrophe flow one after another.  

MINIMIZE, RATIONALIZE AND JUSTIFY:  This is when lashing out becomes ok.  This is when thoughts of hurting #relationships are rationalized or justified.  This is when thoughts of NOT being one's self are "ok".   

The best way to know these is to spend a few moments each day thinking about how these thoughts showed up.  

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