GROW WITH COBY Ep 8 Dealing with Life Major Transitions with Former Ex-Pat and COO BenJoe Markland

Season #5 Episode #8

BenJoe joins Coby to discuss the emotions that come along with moving a family from El Salvador back to the US after 11 years.  Having 5 kids and lots of professional and ecclesiastical responsibilities, BenJoe shares how he has navigated such a transition as a parent, partner, professional and individual.  

Ben is the COO of an international call agency and has lived overseas for 11 years.  Upon returning home he shares how he dealt with the issues he faced as a parent, partner, professional and individual.  Facing emotions and looking ahead to forcast what could happen helped him anticipate what issues his kids and wife may have so he could deal with it the way that was best for him and his family.  You can follow BenJoe on Linkedin at:

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