#133: We Are Finding Recovery. What Does That Look And Feel Like?

Season #4

Caller Rachel's Question: "I’ve been in Alanon since 2006, Sanon since 10/26/21. My husband has been sober for almost 4 years. We have been together off and on over 18 years. I’ve heard that addictions can come in three and I was warned early on that I had a long road with my husband. We’ve both grown independently but not together- it’s been really tragic- two people that are supposed to be professing christians and working programs? If God is in center, why arent we coming together? He told our pastor that he has never been faithful to me, does not believe he’s a sex addict. Identifies Alcoholic and drug addict only- now its ACA and his latest plan is to bring it to our town- his CSAT therapist meets him every Saturday to go through ACA book- I’ve moved upstairs and am giving myself a year like my Sanon program suggest- i have sponsor in both programs and am starting step 3 in Sanon- so excited about what lies ahead as God has been so faithful and loving to me! Thanks!"   Tyler Patrick, "The Wandering Therapist", is co-founder of Love Strong (lovestrong.com), a Christian-based Recovery + WHOLEHEARTED living therapy practice. If you'd like to work with Love Strong via telehealth or in-person, reach out to us at [email protected] or go to our website: https://lovestrong.com. We have a great online Foundations Of Recovery Class starting soon. This class is for sex addiction recovery and healing from betrayal trauma. Go to https://lovestrong.com/services/foundations-group/ to learn more and sign up.   Brannon Patrick, "The Expert", is co-founder of Therapy Utah (therapyutah.org). You can follow Brannon on Instagram @brannon_patrick. He has some really great online courses available at brannonpatrick.com like his Boundary Bootcamp course. Brannon has a program called L.I.F.T. for betrayal trauma and addiction recovery available online starting soon. Go to https://www.liftforrecovery.com/ for more info!   Join us for one of our "Life-Changing" retreats. therapybros.com/events

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