#104: How Can I Be More Empathetic To My Wife?

Season #4

Byran's Question: "After listening to the "How do I break my walls down and trust him again" episode I would like to ask a question... In mine and my wife's situation I am the one who broke trust with her, obviously, but I would like some "pointers" on how to remain empathetic and steady. I am not very good with handling "rejection", and I know that I can come off really douchie toward her when, for example, I ask her to be intimate and she says no... then I ask her "why" and she gets upset because I'm not respecting her boundary... I do love my wife very much and I want to make sure that I am doing everything in my power to make her feel loved and respected but I am having a hard time with this aspect. I would love to speak with you guys if you can help in any way..."  

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Brannon Patrick, "The Expert", is co-founder of Therapy Utah (therapyutah.org). You can follow Brannon on Instagram @brannon_patrick. He has some really great online courses available at brannonpatrick.com like his Boundary Bootcamp course. Brannon has a program called L.I.F.T. for betrayal trauma and addiction recovery available online starting soon. Go to https://www.liftforrecovery.com/ for more info!  

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