#101: I'm Worried That My Husband's Femininity Is Attractive To Other Women

Season #4

Caller Question: "I just listened to your latest episode, and I was left with a question. My husband had a pretty in-depth emotional affair. To the point that he and this woman had fantasized about leaving their families and running away together. We have been in recovery for 8 months now and our marriage has seen amazing improvement in all areas. We are working really hard to be vulnerable and boundaried and to do our own work. My question is this- my husband leans far to the feminine side but he is big and strong and looks very manly. He has the combination of all the feminine feels and thoughtfulness in addition to being very attractive. My question is how do I open up fully and trust him in finding this new masculinity without him losing those feminine things that I appreciate so much? I would love for him to be more of a protector for me and to basically have none of his wonderful feminine traits be displayed for other women. It is such a problem that women hit on him even when he is with me."

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