Can Music Help Me Heal with Murray Hidary.

Season #3 Episode #178

Murray Hidary is a music composer and shares how music, along with other therapy efforts, helped him heal from the biggest and most challenging trauma and trial of his life.  He discusses what his role was in his own efforts as a composer to heal as well as thousands and thousands of others on his website

Murray Hidary is a meditation teacher, composer and pianist.  He studied Music and Composition at NYU & sees music as a bridge connecting that which is hidden with that which is manifest.

Hidary is well known for his SilentHikes where Participants wear headphones while they experience an environment such as a garden or a beach, guided by verbal and musical cues from him.

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We are glad you found our season 3 episodes where we share some of our most advanced learnings and bring amazing experts on when it comes to relationships, and the challenges of healing both sides of the relationship after sex addiction and infidelity.

Our journey has taken us a long ways from the time we recorded these episodes, but many have still found help and hope for healing in the information. 

We hope you always seek healing first for yourself, and where possible for the relationship, though staying together or choosing divorce or separation can occur at the point of betrayal and at times even after healing from betrayal and addictions.

If you would like support in healing from betrayal we’d invite you to look at our program

It is not a program about staying together or leaving your partner, but rather finding the healing we need as an individual who has been made aware of our partner cheating.

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