GROW WITH COBY Ep 2: Show Up Your Best with Dailies

Season #5 Episode #2

Being ready to face life each day is not complex but our brains resist new activities because it is not a #routine and our brains operate best on cruise control.  So how do we establish #dailyhabits that foster physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance so we can show up our best selves when life goes sideways?  This episode is about sharing best practices for establishing dailies.

#Workout: 30 minutes

#Spiritual Devotional: 10 minutes

#Journal Daily Emotions by Role in Life: 5 minutes

Share emotions with your safe person: read your list of emotions

Things to keep in mind about dailies:

-Do what you enjoy so it is #sustainable

-Take the path of least resistance 

-Use your tech to establish #reminders

-Plan ahead by reviewing when #dailies are scheduled each night for the next day

Want to be on an episode with Coby to walk through one of your hard situations in real-time?  If so click HERE and click the contact button and email me with who you are and what situation you want to walk through.  

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