GROW WITH COBY Ep 7 Dealing with Discomfort with Nate Farnsworth

Season #5 Episode #7

Nate Farnsworth is the Presiden and CEO of Factory Six which is a private label CBD manufacturer but is also a friend of Coby's and has been for years.  He has spent many years in business as an entrepreneur and has thrown his hat in the arena of extreme sports in that he has run an ultra marathon in the Wasatch mountains at high elevation but also ran marathons and many half marathons.

He and Coby discuss what discomfort is about both physically and mentally especially when we are in stressful situations in life.  Learning to access those situations and evaluate their intensity and corresponding emotions is vital in reducing collateral damage in our lives and relationships.  

Nate can be found on IG @natan720 or at his companies website

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